Dear Participant,

Welcome to DCM'17 conference. The venue for the conference is VMCC- Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay (IITB) Campus, Powai, Mumbai . Below are some general instructions and directions to help you during your stay at IITB.

IIT Bombay Location:

IITB is located in a 550 acre campus in Powai, an “eastern suburb” in the North Eastern part of Mumbai (see Google Maps on this website for location).

Full Address of the venue:

VMCC, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, Postcode 400076, Maharashtra, INDIA.

VMCC Main Entrance 





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Reaching IITB from Mumbai Airports

Mumbai's international terminal is the Sahar International Airport, renamed now as the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Terminal 2, also known as T2). T2 is located 8 km from IIT Bombay, about 30 km from downtown Nariman Point and 4 km from the Domestic Terminal (T1) at Santa Cruz.

The T2 and T1 airports operate 24X7. International flights of all carriers and domestic flights of AIR INDIA operate from the T2 Terminal and connect it with various national and international destinations. Domestic flights of all private airlines operate from the T1 terminal. The T1 and T2 terminals are about 4 km apart. There are regular shuttle bus services that operate between the T2 and T1 terminals.

Both the domestic and international terminals have amenities like exchange bureaus, duty free shops, restaurants, left luggage sheds and tourist offices.

Hotel bookings, car rentals, fleet taxis(such as OLA, UBER, TABCAB, EASYCAB etc) and pre-paid taxis are available at the terminals. One can also avail pick up services from airport by hotels you booked.

Fleet Taxis and pre-paid taxis may charge Rs 300/- to Rs 350/- from T1 to Powai where IITB and most other recommended hotels are located. The journey may take 30 minutes to an hour depending upon traffic conditions.

Reaching IITB from various local stations

Ways to reach IIT Bombay:

1. Public Transport

Mumbai has one of the most efficient and reliable public transport networks. One can travel by auto rickshaws/taxis to reach IITB from the nearest stations. For longer distance, you may use either the ‘BEST’ bus network or Mumbai local trains.


2. Suburban Railway Transport:

From Dadar Central to IITB, Powai:

Go to Dadar central line (typically on platform 6 of central line) > Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg at the ticket counter located on a level above the platform> Board a ‘slow’ local train(typically from platforms 35) which goes atleast upto Thane> Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from plfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) > Take an auto rickshaw to IITB (~ Rs. 30)

From Thane to IITB, Powai:

Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg (central line) at the local train ticket counter. > Come to platform 1,

3 or 4 > Board a ‘slow’ local train which goes upto Dadar/CST > Get down at Kanjurmarg

Station (exit from plfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) > Take an auto rickshaw to IITB (~ Rs. 30)

From Bandra Terminus to IITB, Powai:

Go to the Bandra terminus (BDTS), take an auto rickshaw to the Kurla Station > Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg(central line) at the local train ticket counter> Board a ‘slow’ local train(typically from platform No.1) which goes atleast upto Thane> Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from plfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) > Take an auto rickshaw to IITB (~ Rs. 30)

From CST to IITB, Powai:

Buy a tiket to Kanjurmarg (central line) at the local train ticket counter > Come to the local train terminus (platforms 18, right of the long distance terminal) > Board a ‘slow’ local train (typically from platforms 35) which goes atleast upto Thane > Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from pfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) > Take an auto rickshaw to IITB (~ Rs. 30)

From Bombay Central(BCT) to IITB, Powai:

Go to the Bombay Central Terminus (BCT) and walk to the Bombay Central local train > Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg(central line) at the local train ticket counter. > Board a ‘slow’ local train that halts at all stations on the line to Andheri/Borivali > Get down at Dadar (western) > Walk over to Dadar (central) using an overbridge > Kindly follow the instructions given earlier for Dadar (central) to IITB

From Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) to IITB, Powai:

From LTT, the most convenient way to reach IITB is to take an auto rickshaw (Fare ~ Rs. 150).


Instructions to guide you once you reach IITB Campus

IITB Main Gate:

On your arrival at the IITB Main gate near State Bank of India, you are requested to go through Security check to enter the campus. Please inform the security officer that you are here to attend the conference. You may show the invitation letter. You may also have to produce an ID proof upon request by the security personnel, to be allowed into the campus. Further, you are also requested to collect a pass/slip from the security, if you are carrying a personal laptop into the campus.

If you arrive at IITB Main gate by an auto rickshaw, taxi or on your own vehicle, you may continue to use the same mode of transport further into the campus, upon completion of Security formalities. Participants can check the map provided below to aid their navigation.

Participants may also install instiMAP application. This is specially designed for first time visitors and new entrants, to find their way around IITB with ease.

Kindly carry the registration slip/ticket, to enter and also to leave/reenter the campus during your stay at IIT Bombay.

Please use the IITB Campus map below - 


IITB Map FInal


In & Around the Campus

Medical Stores:

Inside campus, near market gate, Opp main gate and market gate.

Recharge Coupons:

Prepaid mobile recharge vouchers are available for purchase at general Stores  near

IITB Market gate & ATM machines inside campus and at the main gate.

General Stores:

There is a general store in every hostel for purchasing common commodities that you may require.


1. Canara Bank and ATM: At Gulmohar Restaurant (First Floor), Hostel 6

2. SBI Bank and ATM: Beside IITB Main Gate, Near Tansa House

Nearby Restaurants, 

Nescafe (Coffee Shack)                         Near the STD/PCO Booth in Main Building

Cafeteria                                               Tea Stall, 1st Floor of the Product Design (PD) cell, IDC

Gulmohar Cafeteria                               On the 2nd floor of Gulmohar Building (Opp. H10)

Staff Canteen                                        Near the Security Office in Main Building

Upahaar                                                Near IIT Market

Sunrise Dhaba                                       Opp.  H1

Ahaar                                                    Behind Van Vihar Guest House

Hostel Canteens                                    Canteens inside various hostels

Brewberry’s                                          Hostel 8

Department Canteens                             Available in various departments (generally first floor)

Campus Hub                                         Near Hostel 5


Emergency Contact numbers -

  • Ambulance : 022 2576 1101
  • Main Gate Security: 022 2576 1123
  • Powai Hospital (24x7): 022 2578 0707
  • Hiranandani Hospital: 022 2576 3300/33


About visa (For foreign participants)

All foreign participants should submit online application for Conference Visa at .

Indian missions abroad are authorized to issue Conference Visas from Ministry of Human affairs to delegates on production of an invitation letter from the organizers), a copy of letter and a copy of the communication from the Ministry of External Affairs conveying the political clearance.

However, conference visa for participants from Afghanistan, China. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, foreigner of Pakistani origin and stateless persons can be issued only after MHA clearance. Online application for conference visa must be applied at least 60 days in advance. All data in the registration form of the conference must be filled in meticulously.


Wish you a safe journey & a pleasant stay. See you soon!