Web APIs in Drupal 8

Representational state transfer (REST) or RESTful Web services are one way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the Internet

Drupal 8 is not just a CMS but a framework to build web APIs which other web applications can consume. With REST in core, Drupal 8 has advanced REST capabilities baked in. In this session we will learn about Web APIs in Drupal 8.

Following sections will be covered: 

  • Introduction to web APIs
  • History/ Drawbacks of web APIs in Drupal 7
  • Whats better in Drupal 8
  • RESTful Drupal Core
  • REST module
  • Serialization module
  • REST resources
  • Encoder / Decoder
  • Authentication API
  • Content Negotiation
  • Services module in Drupal 8

Who should attend this:

  • Drupal Developers


  • Basic knowledge of Drupal 8 module development
  • Knowledge of Web APIs