PHPUnit for Drupal 8

Overview: We all know that PHPunit testing framework added into Drupal 8.  More than that SimpleTest in Drupal 8 is deprecated now.  So let’s learn and discuss about, how to write the  PHPUnit test for our requirement.  The following Topics will be covered during sessions.


  • Why PHPUnit?

  • Things we need to know before writing PHPUnit Test Case?

    • Files Structure and namespace

    • PHPUnit Base Classes

  • How to write a PHPUnit Test?

  • Running PHPUnit tests

  • How to integrate with PHPStorm?


Will be doing demo along with the presentation.


Expected Audience:

All D7 developers moving or planning or starting with  Drupal 8. Intermediate  D8 developers.


What you learn or take away?

How to write a PHPUnit tests for Drupal 8 module?



       Both the speakers are Drupal Devs, D8 contributors, speakers in Drupal meetups, Camps and Cons...

       Rakesh James :

       Manoj K  :