Managing Large Scale Drupal - Globally

Overview: This sessions is about sharing learnings, trends and best practices as outcome of experience gain over organization level while supporting Large Scale Drupal (LSD) implementation for different enterprise clients and creating ample opportunity for teams. Large organizations increasingly adopting Open source and Drupal to manage web and content to reduce cost and high ROI. 

Large organizations involve managing multiple initiatives, partners, stakeholders and product owners with round the clock development, maintenance and support. Challenges are bound to with globally distributed teams, project management, multiple initiatives and continues learning. Everyone needs to play critical part in there own roles. On large scale, its  challenging to maintain agility, learnings and scale as well as fail and learn again.

In this session we plan to cover key elements of Global Team and Challenges faced:

  • Why Drupal?
  • What is LSD?
  • General assumptions and myths about LSD?


  • Managing and Securing Infrastructure 
    • Developing with Drupal 7 and 8
    • Platform setup and scalability
    • Continues improvement and  maintenance 


  • Team Management: Forming Organizational wide Drupal Pool and Team Building
    • Program Managers  
    • Architects and CoE
    • Effective Project Managers 
    • Delivery Teams
    • Continuous Delivery and maintenance Team
    • Support Team
      • Platform Support
      • 3rd Party Tools Support
      • L1/L2/L3 Support
    • Q and C  


  • Choosing Right Tools  for your needs?
    • Documentation
    • Communication
    • Drupal Stack
    • Project Planing and Management 


  • Setting Rules 
    • Rules  and Best Practices for Coding
    • Defining Scope, SOP 
    • Rules for communication 
    • Rules for Tracking


  • DevOps (Development and Operations)  
    • CI
    • Automated Testing
    • Continuous Scaling