How to start your Drupal Contribution?

Overview: From the personal experience, would like to share about my Drupal Contributions,  Will be including following topics on the session,


  • What is Contribution?

  • Why Contribution is needed ?

  • What all are ways you can contribute to Drupal community?

  • What is important of contribution?

  • When  you can start the Contribution?

  • How can  you keep contribution going with your work?

  • What is the benefits of a contributor?

  • How to work on Issue queues?

  • How to select the issues?

  • Contribution, contribution and contribution


A small demo about working on a core issue..


Expected Audience:

Any Drupal Dev


What  you learn or take away?

Start  your contribution.



       Drupal Dev, D8 contributor, Evangelist, speaker in Drupal meetups, Camps and Cons

       Rakesh James :