With a desire to teach and empowered by Drupal, I ended up creating a social learning community of 150K students

This is not a story of a drupal developer building an awesome site. Rather, it is a journey of a free education enthusiast building a full fledged social network using Drupal.

Starting off as a teacher with a strong motivation to provide free education to as many students as possible, I took my first step in 2014 with creating free video lectures. I used a bunch of different tools to achieve all I needed. Youtube for videos, facebook groups for activities, StackExchange sites for doubt discussions, twitter for my followers, etc etc. With growing student base, soon, I figured out that the students were finding it a challenge to communicate using multiple systems and their overall learning experience was not so cohesive.  

I had some site building experience with Drupal 6, but was not confident enough to try building a new platform altogether with almost no cash at my disposal to hire developers. I landed on Question & Answer installation profile “ArrayShift” originally developed by Jeff Eaton (eaton) from Lullabot. I started using it to launch my new website techtud.com. By that time, Drupal 7 had already taken over and I did not want to use an outdated system. With limited development experience & no money to invest, one day I started in the morning with vanilla Drupal installation and by early evening I was able to build a mini StackOverflow with absolutely NO coding. And in following weeks, I was ready with a fairly complex community and social learning website.

The Drupal community helped me to get this done quickly. For instance, I reached out for some fixes in a sandbox module and with the sincere help from the author Sunny Jhunjhunwala (sunnyuff), I was able to upload videos abstractly on youtube from my site. I was overwhelmed by experiencing the way Drupal community works and this strongly pulled me into the Drupal ecosystem.

Drupal empowered me to self-help myself. Now, I run a Drupal Shop along with continuing my passion for teaching and sharing free knowledge on techtud.com. Currently techtud.com has 34K+ youtube subscriber, 30K+ registered users and is reaching to more than 200,000 students of 2000+ colleges across the globe every month.

The community kept surprising me time after time and as a result, I started giving back to the Drupal community with my contributions.

The Session will share a story of how Drupal has the power to change lives around us potentially to a large extent. It will uncover my journey with Drupal from a beginner to a fairly able Drupal professional.

The attendees could be of any expertise level, but the key Idea of the session is to inspire students and beginners towards joining the Drupal Community. The session is also intended to show that how drupal can transform your imagination to reality.