Deployment workflow with CMI in Drupal 8

The question that is on everybody’s mind now is "What is the development or deployment workflow that one should follow for Drupal 8?". This session addresses this question in particular and all the challenges in deploying configurations from one instance to other.

In this session we will be discussing about the changes in Drupal 8 that will make storing, importing and exporting the configurations easier.

  • Configuration Management Initiative (CMI)

    • What is "Configuration Management Initiative" and how has it improved configuration management in Drupal 8.

  • "Sites own their configuration, not modules."

    • What does this mean and how does it affect your workflows.

  • Configuration Management Walk-through

    • Configuration Manager module in core.

    • Using the default UI provided and Configuration Manager Module.

    • Exporting configuration changes between different environments, such as Development, Staging and Production.

    • Using Drush and Drupal console to manage configurations.

  • Configuration/Deployment workflows using git.

  • Handling environment specific configurations and how solves the issue.

    • How do you make sure that configurations specific to environments are not overridden.

    • Commands for importing and exporting filtered configuration using config split.

  • Is Features module still relevant? and how it can be used along with the CMI.

  • Common pitfalls and solutions for the same.