Console your Drupal 8 Module Development.

Overview: Drupal Console is a scaffolding tool built for Drupal 8 automatic code generation.  During this session will be doing live demo on creating module in Drupal 8 and showing how to take the  advantage of the Symfony Console Component. And we we will be covering  following topics,

  • What is Drupal Console?

  • Why Drupal Console?

  • How to speed up your drupal 8 development using Drupal Console?

  • How to create a new console command?

  • How to create a custom module using Drupal Console?


Will be having live demo on creating custom module using Console.


Expected Audience:

All D7 developers moving or planning or starting with  Drupal 8. Intermediate  D8 developers.


What  you learn or take away?

Speed up the Drupal 8 module development using Console.



       Both the speakers are Drupal Devs, D8 contributors, speakers in meetups.

       Rakesh James :

       Manoj K  :