7 Reasons to Attend Drupal Camp Mumbai

One of the most-awaited Drupal Camps, Drupal Camp Mumbai, is back and is being organised by the Drupal Mumbai in partnership with Drupal Organisations. Here are some reasons to be part of one of the couture's biggest Open Source events:


City of Mumbai  - A global financial centre, Mumbai is also known as the maximum city considering the many opportunities it provides, as well as a city that never sleeps - bustling with activity round-the-clock.


Huge Talent Pool on Offer  - Mumbai, along with satellite towns like Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Surat and Vadodara in proximity, boasts of one of the country's best open source talent.


Networking Opportunity - Reach out to scores of people who make up the technology ecosystem, from company CXOs, developers, designers, quality engineers, marketers, students and investors.


Drupal 8 Insights - Get the latest news and updates on one of Drupal's most customizable and adaptable releases of Drupal ever. Get answers to most, if not all of your Drupal 8 queries. The event also provides free Drupal training opportunities.


Previous years were Fun - The earlier events had seen high-profile attendees, including the Creator of Drupal and CTO of Acquia Inc, Dries Buytaert. This year one can expect much more thought-leaders and from across industries.


Action-packed Event Agenda - Sessions from eminent speakers to some of India's top-notch technology companies and service providers showcasing their latest developments - there will be a lot of quality on offer at the event.


Gathering of Unique You(s) - Just like you, there will be many more Open Source enthusiasts who would like to add value to the burgeoning community of change-makers in India and the world.

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