Featured Speakers

Abhishek Anand

Abhishek is a drupler since last 7 years. Abhishek works at Acquia where he ensures success with the customers as an Architect. Abhishek is based in New Delhi.

Dave Hall

Dave is the Managing Director of Dave Hall Consulting. When he isn't working with clients to build high-quality web applications, he is working with them to improve their infrastructure and business processes. Dave lives less than 2 hours drive from Melbourne, Australia on the edge of Newstead with his partner and 2 boys.

Hussain Abbas

Hussain works as a Technical Architect at Axelerant. He started writing programs in 1997 for school competitions and never stopped. His work focus is architecting solutions using Drupal and enforcing best practices. He has dabbled with x86 assembly, .NET framework, LAMP stack, and related technologies.

Malcolm Young


Malcolm works at Capgemini. He is an experienced web developer and team lead, interested in solving problems by applying the appropriate technology, and building usable systems that help to make people's jobs easier.

Naveen Valecha

Naveen got his start in web development when PHP 5 came out.He is a long time member in Open Source. He has contributed to a number of modules, patches. He is a frequent contributor to the core Drupal source code and documentation. He also maintains few contributed modules and regularly posts Drupal 8 core patches.

Prateek Jain

Prateek is an Engineering Manager at Iksula. He is a software development leader experienced with development, testing and project management across a wide variety of business and process domains. Focused on leveraging agile methods to deliver software value and build agile practices within the organization. Experienced Agile practitioner, focused on designing the complex and highly scalable systems. For 7+ years working with different Web and Mobile Technologies and multi-modal applications. Experienced with building IOT solutions having large data.

Vijayachandran Mani

Vijayachandran Mani had the 4th place at Trivia Night, DrupalCon 2015, Barcelona - Team "TABLE ALREADY EXIST", Winner of Trivia Night, DrupalCon 2013, Prague - Team "CREATE TABLE;", Maintainer of the Configuration Translation module in Drupal 8 core.